Year 2003

BDC joined to ISUZU, Japanese commercial vehicle Manufacturer to assemble ISUZU middle duty truck in Iran. BDC started its first ISUZU products model NPR, 6 tones. 


Year 2004-2005

At the year 2004, BDC added ISUZU NQR, 8 tones and at the year 2005, added NKR, 5.2 Models to its products.


Year 2006

With the purpose of enlarging factory size and production line, BDC moved from Tehran to Ghazvin province at the year 2006.


Year 2007-2009

BDC is the Iranian first commercial vehicle manufacturer obtained ISO/TS 16949:2009, the company is constantly improving the quality of its services to gain the satisfaction of its customers, suppliers and business partners. The management quality system of ISO9001 2008 is currently used in the company.

The company has established itself in the market as the sole and highest quality producer of Japanese light trucks in Iran and with at least 40 points ahead of its competitors it successfully gained 62% of market share on truck production and it also earned the honorable title of the exemplary vehicle manufacturer and one of the best 26 industrial units of 2007 as well as ranking among the 100 best companies of 2009.

BDC exported 5.5 Million USD of trucks to Iraq’s market.


Year 2010

After a comprehensive market study the production line of ISUZU minibus was launched and the product was introduced to the market.

To keep up with the increasing market demand the, company increased its production capacity of 934 units in 2004 to 14,580 units in 2010.


Year 2013

BDC entered new models of ISUZU 700 series including 6, 8 and 18 tones to its assembly line.

BDC started new investigation on designing and production of its own product locally named “Shiller” trucks.

The BDC program is to manufacture 5.2, 6, 8 and 11.5 tons of “Shiller” trucks and to export them to global countries.

BDC entered into agreement with SAIC Motor Corporation Limited to supply SMCV intercity minibus.


Year 2014

BDC launched SMCV V-80 model to the market and sold 200 unit of this model in the market.


Year 2015

BDC assembled new model of ISUZU 5.2 ton, NKR 77 and will enter this model into market after getting licenses from government.

BDC with total capital of 1,000 Billion Rials/300 Million USD has accepted in Iranian stock market.

BDC obtained rank No.1 of customer satisfaction made by ISQI (Iranian standard and quality inspection Co). ISQI is governmental independent company.


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